In Brazilian Portuguese the word Cafuné is a gesture of affection towards a loved one.  

This project is a gesture of affection towards Rio de Janeiro in all its extremes.  

Focusing tangentially on the "pacification" of the favelas in Rio, the book is a document of the Marvelous City during the World Cup, the Olympic Games, the Pope’s visit and the massive protests in 2013.  


While the work documents a fundamental period in Brazilian history, the project is both personal and intimate.  

A photographer's diary of the joy and sorrow of a city as intense and unequal as Rio de Janeiro.  

A personal reconciliation and a bittersweet farewell to a place and a time of extremes. 


1st edition - Sep 2020 

Designed by Ramón Pez.  

Hardback / Clothbound. 

105 tritone images.  

29.5 x 25 cm (11.6 x 9.8 inches).  

ISBN: 978-84-09-19343-1 

€49.90 / $58 / £43 (plus shipping costs)